Saturday, 21 July 2012

Rediscovering Miss Anya

Hi all! Well, here I am, a day late for my DT day... a big thanks to Pops for covering for me! Picture the scene..... My card was all made and ready for sharing.....I made myself late for work because I was taking some last minute pictures of it.....I get to work, load up my photo-editor..... reach for my camera..... only to realise I'd left the lead at home! ARGH! Anyway, here I am, a day late, but better late than never, right?!

I really enjoyed making this card. Initially I messed up my colouring on the body. As I'd already coloured her head, I chopped it off (I know, I felt barbaric too!) and stuck it on the body of another Miss Anya in the set. Hey presto, you can't tell the difference :o)

Not only was it a joy to play with Miss Anya again, I also got to stroke some American Crafts papers. Did you know that American Craft now do 6x6 pads?! Well they do and Tracy's got 'em - just follow the linkies below. There is only one work for them.... delish.

Anyway, enjoy the sunshine that we've been promised! It's still a bit murky here in Southampton, but there are signs of hope peaking through :o)

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