Wednesday 2 March 2016

Lunar Easter......

Hi everyone! 

Well, while the new Mama Elephant release and restocks are snuggled in customs for their 3rd week (...see..look how I tried to make it sound all cute and positive there?.... rather than OMG seriously customs just let 'em go..) I thought I would have a play with my...Mo's Lunar Animal set for easter ( my defense this make is for Mo so I have redeemed myself for pinching his stamp set right?!!!).

I recycled a little clear box I had saved from christmas (..sigh..yes, I am always saving stuffs like this!!!) adhered a little design paper to the back inside and filled it with little mini mini chocloate eggs from B&M (.....there might not be many left in the packet................).

Then a little bit of fun with die cutting and it was done! its so cute I wannna squish it (...yes, and maybe steal all the lil eggs too...).

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxx

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