Sunday, 13 April 2008

Bellas are on their way

I think Bellas should be here by Thursday. Hopefully if they get here early enough I will put it on here, otherwise your all going to have to wait a whole extra day. How mean am I ?
This does all depend on post though so don't hold your breath.
I have had some more Pink Cat Studio delivered, so I now have more Billy stamps and boy background. I've had a few Whipper Snapper and some High Hopes that I am trying to get onto the website. Please bear with me as it is so slow at the moment.

If anyone goes onto the website and it is very slow and annoying please email me and let me know or if you let me know what it is you want I can send you a paypal invoice instead. While it is slow and I am still loading things on, I am offering free postage. I hope to have it all done sometime in May (fingers crossed).

The children are off this week too and seeing as I had deliveries four days last week, I really must do something with them, so I might not be around too much. I will be golfing (yuk), fishing (double yuk), footballing (yuk), playing darts (at least I should be dry), bowling (yeah) and going to the cinema (double yeah).

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Annapurna said...

LOL! I like your yucks and yays! You should clarify if the free shipping is only for UK. Otherwise, all the "US"ers like me might order everything you have :-)