Tuesday, 15 April 2008

It seems to be never ending

I have had some High Hopes Rubber Stamps in. I will list them here so if you are interested please scroll down and email me if you would like to purchase any on track456@btinternet.com.

Once again I am having website problems. This time it is First Class Crafts. It has been very slow over the last couple of weeks but now it doesn't seem to be coming up at all. Please bear with me, I am doing all I can at the moment. In the meantime I will let you know here as and when things arrive.

At the weekend I noticed that my kitchen sink wasn't draining away the water properly, we tried to unblock the sink but it turned out to be the drain. We tried to unblock this too but in the end we had to call somebody out who told us it would take half an hour and they charge £70 per half an hour (phew, you might think) Well that is nothing he was here 4 hours and charged £700 (yes, you have read it correctly, £700) Well I've now realised I'm in the wrong job.

By the way, do you want to know what it was, well I'll tell you anyway, washing powder, can you believe it. There was tons of the stuff. I know I do a lot of washing (6 loads a day) but I didn't realise that would happen.

Anyway back to the High Hopes Stamps, these are all unmounted but they do have the cling on attached.

Anthony James £5.25
Cowboy Kenny £5.25
Cowgirl Candice £5.25
Brutus £3.60
Froggy Gift £5.25
Zach and Ozzie £5.75
Sparky £3.70
Small Spot £3.70
Rappin T Bear £5.25
Leo £5.25
Scotty Dog £3.70
Party Cat £5.50
Little Missy £5.25
Walkabout Wally £5.25
Bride and Groom £5.50
Yee Haw £3.25
Sundays Best £5.25
Just Married £5.50

That's it for now. I am expecting deliveries of Stamping Bella, House Mouse, Hero Arts, Inky Antics, Art Gone Wild and My Favourite Things.

Will post some cards tomorrow.


CraftyTracy said...

High hopes are lovely I need to go and look at piccies of the stamps now.


Anonymous said...

Attention! See Please Here

Spanishbella said...

Tracy, please email me your private email, its regarding the bellas.