Friday 8 February 2008

Just an update

Well obviously things are still not going right on the website. I think I see light at the end of the tunnel but then something else happens.
I have many plans and something big is going to happen soon (hopefully). I have something in the pipeline but will not say anything as it could very well go wrong.

I have been so busy making wedding invites as well. I have taken some pictures and will try to put them on here this weekend.

It is Sam's birthday on Monday. He will be 9. Where does the time go. He is so excited. He decided he didn't want a party this year (after I had put the deposit down), he wants to go to a fishing fair at Farnborough instead (great). This is partly my fault as I dragged him along to the Make It Craft Fair at Farnborough this year and they were advertising the fishing fair, so I only have myself to blame.

I have my in laws coming today and we are taking him out for a meal at the local Blubeckers restuarant.
He has also decided he would like to take in some little individual cakes for his friends on Monday. He saw a similar idea in Good Food magazine this month so I will be making cakes this weekend.

Many of you are aware that I took over the website from Kirsty Wiseman. I still speak to Kirsty occasionally and keep up to date by reading her blog.

Please take a look at her blog as she is trying to raise money for her daughter Ellie to see some special doctors in America. All is explained on her blog. I have even seen a photo in the Telegraph today.

Good Luck Kirsty. Reading you blog I know you will do it.

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