Monday, 18 February 2008

I Won Candy

Well I won it a little while ago but have been very ill and unable to post. I was so excited. I am very new to this blogging and looking at other peoples blogs I wasn't sure what PIF meant. Well for anyone else who doesn't know (although I'm usually last to find out) it means Pass It Forward. When someone puts on their blog that they have PIF candy giveaway, it goes to the first three people to leave a comment. Next, them three people have to give blog candy away and so it carries on. What a great idea.
So now I have to get together some candy to give away, so watch this space.

I was so ill last week, I think it was this Norovirus. It completely knocked me for six and my friends were so helpful, picking children up, getting shopping etc. I am still recovering. I lost 11 pounds in 4 days. I doubt that it will take me very long to put it back on. Oh well.

The children are off this week. They went to our caravan on Saturday and got back this evening. It was nice to see them although they smelt of fishing. Nice.


We are still having little probs with the website. It is now to do with the database, which is past us. Hopefully once this is sorted out everything will be back to normal, although I'm not sure what normal is any more. It seems to have had something wrong right from the beginning.
Still there is light at the end of the tunnel and believe me there are great plans.

Only 9 o'clock but off to bed now.

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