Saturday 26 January 2008

Email now working

As of yesterday is now working. You can still use my other one. Either way I should get them. Still having lots of probs with website but hopefully this will be working by the end of Feb. I have so many things to add.

Lots of people keep asking about colour choices. It is impossible for me to add every colour available as it would then take you forever to put your order through. I have found it easier to carry on with Kirstys idea of dark mix, bright mix, etc. If within that pack there is a colour that you would or wouldn't like. please do let me know. I cut orders as they come in and will do my best to accomodate your needs.
If you would like bright mix, but red, blue and yellow only, this is fine. When putting the order through, if you could put in the box your requirements I will see what I can do. You could also send me an email or phone me.

I'm off to a friends 40th birthday tonight, so I'm off to go get ready.

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