Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wool you be mine?......

Hi everyone!
My new stamps and dies arrived yesterday and I scooched up the energy to have a little play because they were just too cute to leave in the packet. It took 3 bursts at it to get it done, energy is severely lacking and colouring and coughing don't mix too good but I love this little make now its done!! 

So, above is on the front when the note is closed, below is the back when the note is closed...

and this is the inside!! soooo cute!!!!!
so cute! and thats me for today. I had to go to the Drs...again...this morning and have a poopy respiratory infection. There's not a lot that can be done for it so rest, fluids, trying to eat and have been deemed unfit for work for 7 days, never had an actual piece of paper to deem me unfit for work before so I feel a bit blurgh just seeing it there on the table!!! Virus's stink don't they? so to cheer myself up, here's a video of how this little cutie opens while I go mooch and feel sorry for myself that my daft lil body can be so knocked out by a dang virus :(

huge hugs for you all, Lou xxxxx

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Anonymous said...

A cutie!!!
Hugsss, Gaby