Wednesday 8 July 2015

Yo Yo Dapper Dan...

Stamp- Dapper Dan.
Morning all!! 

The summer holidays is coming up soon ( oh boy , I am so on countdown! can't wait to get my hands on some mamma and me time with the squidger!!) and every year Scott and I get together some little bits to put in the mail for Mo for surprises! ( the postman is still kinda exciting to him and in the holidays its all mamma and daddy mail....yeah..its mostly icky bills but to him we still get mail and he doesn't!!) so this is my first Mo Mail make for this holiday!!

He absolutely loves yo yo's! we have tonnes in our house but each new one is exciting and I wanted to make him a special one as I had picked up a couple of plain wooden yo yo's on my travels to keep in reserve!!

Now..for the confession...this is actually Mo's stamp!! lol!! when he saw it he decided it looked just like him so he NEEDED it (...proud mamma moment, I have taught my prodigy well bwah ha ha ha ha!!!) I cut 2 little circles of letraset paper out and stamped just Dapper Dan's head on them. I coloured them both up the same and glued them onto the yo yo then gave it a good old spray with some spray varnish ( I wrapped the string round and covered the centre strip with masking tape before spraying away).

I can't wait to pop it in a little box and get it in the mail for him! roll on holidays!! 2 weeks to go and counting!!

Right, time for a cuppa and a good old womble in blog land!!

Huge hugs for you all Lou xx

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