Thursday 12 February 2009

Here's the hummer

The first picture is Sam, whose picture is slightly dodgy as I tried playing around with it. I had to put this on here as it was his birthday yesterday (he was ten). He's very much like his father and doesn't like a fuss, so didn't want anyone at school to know, bless him. The second photo is for Debbie as she keeps telling me she doesn't know what I look like (yuck). I hate having my photo done and this is the most recent (without the grey hairs). This was taken at Andys meal with our friend Barry. Then obviously the hummer. Like I said photos is not me. I tried with and without flash, night vision on and off but just couldn't get a better picture than this, sorry!!


Natalie said...

It' great to see you Tracy and Happy Belated Birthday to Sam. I hope you had a great night out, the car looks fab.

Natalie x

Dawn Wheeler said...

Wow what a great time you had ,its fabulous to sse your photos ,
hair looks great xxxhugs Dawnxx

Annapurna said...

Now I have a face to put a name to :-)

Looks like you all had fun. Hope you didn't buy too much. LOL!