Saturday 12 January 2008

What's happening now

Hi all. The problem for today is is now being transferred. I am not sure how long or when this will be happening but I will keep you posted on here. All it means is that it may disappear for a little while. However, is still working so could you please use this for the time being. You will notice if you go onto .com that you have no options. I am aware of this and it has something to do with it being transferred (I think, anyway).
Hopefully this will all be sorted out soon. I know it is taking a while and I am sorry about that but it does seem to be coming together now.

Andy has taken the two younger children fishing until tomorrow but he had arranged for my dad to come over to watch the football, so I now have mum, dad and brother coming for dinner. On the plus side Luke (my eldest) has asked if he could cook the meal (yes I did need to sit down to get over the shock). Maybe I will take photos for proof that he can do it.

Off now to clear up and make more wedding invites. Byeee

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