Sunday, 1 March 2009

Guest Designer Call - UK only (sorry)

Hi all, now I am looking for somebody who can commit to making a couple of cards (or other items) per week using stamps (and any other items) that I sell (oviously).

All you need to do is:

* Leave a comment here saying why you would like to be a guest designer.

* Leave a link on your blog with the heading, Dies To Die For Guest Designer Call, with a picture of your fab creation/s that you are submitting (this needs to be a creation that has just been made).

If you do not have a blog then just email me ( your picture so that I can post it on here:o)

That's it, as simple as that!!! This will stay open until Sunday 8th March.

Any questions, just email me:o)

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!!!!



Ruth said...

Hi there, I just noticed your Guest DT call and would be interested.Please have a look at my blogHere
Ruth x

katy said...

Hi Tracey, would love to be a guest designer for you...shall get to work on something so i can put the link on my blog :) xx

Ria Zonnestraaltje said...

Good luck in your search :) there are alot of talented ladies out there ;)

hugs Ria

Lou Sims said...

Hi Tracey and boy oh boy, would love to be part of your DT. I have something on my blog tonight that I have newly made and something scheduled to show tomorrow, which is also a new make!


Suzanne said...

Hi Tracy I see you are looking for DT members I have never applied for a DT before but you sell such a wonderful range of stamps I would like to give it a go.

I have posted a few cards over the past couple of days so there is some new work to look at.

Have a look at my blog HERE

Thanks Sue :o)

Spyder said...

I'm still fairly new to all this blogging and card making but would love to have a go at being a guest designer for you, still haven't worked out how to do links (they all go to 'error') but you'll find me in my craft room at

Good luck in your search, there's some fantastic work out there!!


katy said...

Me again :) i've popped something i've just made on my blog tonight..good luck everyone :) xx

Yeeting said...

Hi Tracy...
I'm an avid papercrafter of 3 years who loves experimenting with different techniques and craft projects.
This may sound a bit of a cliche, but my dream job is to be a member of a DT in all things "crafty!!!"
This, i know, would be an amazing oppurtunity for me, and a fabulous chance to be able to showcase your amazing range of stamps and accessories...What more could a girl want???
(I'm very new to not too sure as to whether you automatically get a link to my blog...but hope you find my project of my mini scrapbook...along with some cards if you get the chance to check more of my blog.)
Thanx for taking a peep!!!
Yeeting xxx

Yeeting said...

Hi Tracy...
me again....just checked that you do get my link automatically...thank goodness!Also just letting you know that my entry to be a DT member is actually on the 28th of february's post (i have given it the heading you have asked for....i still haven't worked out this order of posting malarky, so my posts seem to be all over the place at the moment! sorry!)...hope you find it ok!
Hugs Yeeting xxx

Ruth said...

Hi just to let you know I will be putting something in my blog soon and will let you know as soon as I have it ready, Ruth x

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Tracy, wow I would love to be considered to become a guest designer. You have such an array of gorgeous stamps, I wish I could afford them all lol! I have just added a couple of new cards that I would love you to look at on my blog. I will add a link to your your GD call on my blog and also on my sidebar. Hope you are ok? Hugs, Denise x

an example of my work

another example of my work

Hope it's ok to add 2 cards lol!

Michelle said...

Hi Tracy
Have just managed to battle with blogger to get my cards posted with a link to your call for Guest DT

Joey said...

Hi Tracy, I would feel very priviliged to be a guest designer for you. I have just blogged new stuff for this submission you can see it here thanks for looking. best wishes to everyone. love

Zoe said...

Wooow, Tracy what an amazing opportunity!! I have just uploaded a card here i will try and get something eoe x x

Zoe said...

Ooooh err what happened to my message lol it only posted half of it, so as not to look rude i will leave a complete one now lol. What i wanted to say was that i will hopefully get something much nicer made to show you later especially for the call, but didnt want to miss out on such a generous offer :)
My card can be seen here
Zoe x x

Suzie said...

Hi Tracey. I would love to be considered as a DT member please. I have always wanted to be a DT member but I have never had the confidence to apply. I now have my own blog and I have had some lovely comments on my cards and this has given me a boost and made me try for your team and I feel I couldn't have chosen a better site to apply to with all those great stamps and crafting bits and bobs it would be a crafting dream come true. Hope you like my card.
Here's my card
Suzie xxx

Ruth said...

Hi Tracy, thanks for the opportunity to apply to the Guest Designer Call. I have a gallery on Docrafts and all the encouragement I have received over there has encouraged me to start a blog and I would really enjoy the challenge you are offering. I enjoy coming up with new ideas and sharing them. Please have a look at my entry on my blog
Thank you, Ruth x

Anonymous said...

Hi tracy thanks for chance to try out for the team you My entry is Here

Leann said...

So many fab entries ~ lots of luck to everyone!

simplyfairies said...

Hi Tracey,
I would lurve to be a guest designer for dies to die for, I enjoy card making and such it keeps me sane!, I am in Design teams, but it's lovely to have a change and fresh challenges too...

Here is my blog.

Take care Kim x

simplyfairies said...

Ps will set to work straight away with a creation for you...

Marcea said...

Morning Tracy, I have made my card now for your call and you can see it here .
I would love to be on your Dt because .....
you have some great products that I would love to be creative with ....
I am hooked on making cards ......
I am already on several DT for challenge blogs but never anything like this - I would love the opportunity!
And finally, you seem really nice so it would be great to work with you.
Hope you like my card sweetie and I hope you find who you are looking for. Have a great day!!

Cathy said...

Hi Tracy,
I would love to be a guest designer for you. I can't really add to what the others have said - I would love the opportunity to work with you, but will let my work speak for me.
You can find the card I have made for the call here. Please also take a look round my blog as I make a range of styles of cards.
Thank you for your time, and I have my fingers crossed.
Cathy xx

Karen said...

Hi Tracy, sorry, I thought I had left this comment days ago and have only just realised that I must have pressed a wrong button. I would love to be considered fit Guest DT member for Dies to Die for. I love the selection of different stamps and other lovely bits and pieces that you stock and would love to showcase these for you in the many challenges that I take part in. Please have a look at one of my latest cards along with a link to your DT call Here

Fingers crossed.

Karen x

MarkerGeek said...

Hi Tracy, I would love the opportunity to be a Guest DT member. You stock many of my favourite stamp ranges (among other things, of course!), and I'd love to work with you. Have posted about the DT call, with my latest card. Take a look here.

Good luck to everyone who has entered!


Jo Austin said...

I would love to be a GDT.. I could use your cards on the challenges I frequent!!
After today I have a bit of time on my hands too.... lol..

I'll put the post on my blog in the morning.. thanks hun xx

Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity the stamps that you sell...have some in my collection already!
You can see lots of recent cards, including today's here

ger76 said...

Hi Tracy,

I'd love to put my name in the hat for your DT, I need evey excuse I can get to make cards.
I've added the link to my blog along with my cards :)

Suzanne said...

Hi Tracey I know I popped by the other day and asked to be considered for your DT call, I have loaded a card on my blog today especially for this and you can find it HERE
Thanks for looking Sue :o)

Gina said...

Hi Tracy
I have added a few cards for you to see on my blog, I would love to be a guest designer for you,
Gina xxx

Here is mine, thank you for looking xx

Stacey said...

Hi Tracy,

I would absolutely love to be a guest designer for you. You carry such amazing goodies in your store and offer such a great service that it would be a real honour to represent you, and spread the word about Dies to Die For on my blog.

From a personal point of view, it would mean the world to me to be chosen as I'm often my own biggest critic and it would be amazing to know that somebody else thought that my cards we're good enough to help sell their products.

Anyway, enough waffling! You can find my entry here.

Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

Sally said...

Hi Tracy,
What an amazing opportunity, I would love to be considered to be a guest designer, I absolutly love the stamps I ordered from you the other day (I could have got really carried away lol)- they are fab as was the service, which is why I thought I would take the plunge and apply..... I would love to be associated with a company which offers great products, service and value for money.
My style is quite simple, and clean, less is more.
I love getting creative in my spare time, I would put 110% into being a guest designer for you at Dies To Die For.
Enjoy the weekend.

Sally. x

Jen said...

I've only just found out about your Guest Designer call and have made a card especially for it. You will find it and many others on my blog
I would love to join you as guest designer and have lots of experience to offer. I love working with all elements of card making especially rubber stamps.
Thanks for the opportunity.
Jen x

Debbie said...

Hi Tracey, would love to be a guest designer for you... You have such an array of gorgeous stamps, I have just posted a card today you can find it Here
Hugs Debbie x

Debbie said...

Sorry Tracy my first link is not working if you could try this one please #you can find my card Here
Hugs Debbie x

SemSee said...

Hi Tracy

I would really love to be considered as a guest designer for DTDF.

Despite only 'taking the plunge' to start crafting 3 months ago, I feel that I have learnt loads in that relatively short period of time. I blog-hop daily, checking out my new crafty friends' creations and drawing inspiration and learning new techniques from them. I believe I am starting to develop my own style, and am really thankful for all the support I've been given in the crafting and blogging world!

I am a housewife and mother to our wonderful 7 yr old daughter, and so as I am lucky enough not to have to work, I have plenty of time to spend on my new found passion of stamping and card making!

I have made a new card today especially for this GD call, and you can see it here on my blog, where you can also view the other stuff I've made. Over the past week I've made 5 cards (including today's): Thurday, Tuesday, Monday and last Saturday. Finally, if you'd like to see all the cards I've uploaded to my blog in one place, pop along to my photobucket album here.

Thanks for looking!

Simonne x
(aka SemSee)

Anne said...

Hi Tracy, I'd love to be considered for your DT and have the opportunity to showcase your products for you. I'm a stamper, a scrapbooker and a dabbler in all things creative and have been looking around to join a new DT. Please feel free to browse my blog and here is the card I made for this submission.

Thanks and Good Luck!

Daisy Chain said...


I'm gonna take a chance here, a bit cheeky I know, but tell me off later. I only just found your DT call and time is running out. Wish I'd found it sooner. Anyway, don't have time to make a card specifically for this call, I have to go out this morning, otherwise I'd try and beat the deadline, but would love the chance to design or you (if you don't ask you don't get, lol).

You can see my blog HERE with examples of recent work. I love to experiment and try different styles and techniques. Love different shaped cards, and other projects.

Good luck with the search, and if I've been too cheeky I apologise.

Kind Regards Debbie xx

Jill said...

Hi Tracy I've taken the plunge and entered you DT call. I love your stamps and products you offer. I can't wait for my pre order of the new On the Farm stamps to arrive lol. I am a DT memeber for SCSC and have been doing this since Sept 08. I just love making cards and about a year ago got into stamping and It's taken over my life I love it hugs Jill xx
you can find my entry here.

Yeeting said...

Hi Tracy...iv just uploaded some more piccys for my entry to your GD team call...i know its a little cheeky to enter twice....but you never know, if you dont try!!!

I'm so excited about the reveal tonight...can't be an easy job for you...there's so much talent....

fingers crossed xxx


Maria's Cards said...

Hi Tracey, I hope i'm not too late to enter. My cards are on my blog. They are under my blog candy entry (second post) Maria x