Friday 4 July 2008

New High Hopes are released

Well today is the release day for the new High Hopes rubber stamps. I love them, especially the pirate ones. I have an order of them coming next Friday (fingers crossed). All the ones I have coming, I have uploaded onto the website for you to see. They are all showing out of stock until I get them. If however you would like to guarantee one, just email me with the info and I can keep it for you.

I have also been adding Prima flowers. I was going to add a few more this evening but I really cannot keep my eyes open so am off to bed and will start again tomorrow.

I have made a few cards and still have a picture of the cherry cheesecake that I made but for some reason cannot upload pictures this evening.

My diet news is that so far I have lost 8lbs. Woohoo. Clothes are now feeling a little better. I cannot take all the credit though as I was ill for a few days and didn't feel like eating, let's hope it doesn't go back on. I did have fish and chips this evening though but have vowed never to have it again. I couldn't believe how greasy it was. I hadn't noticed that before.

I have finished building my Emerald City at school and am now making some poppy fields and signs. Will upload photos next week.

My middle son had his taster day at senior school on Tuesday which wasn't too great and then I had to go in the evening and nearly fainted. My hands tingled and everything. (This isn't unlike me) It took so much out of me and I felt so lethargic the next day.

Well that's all my news for this week. Hope you all have a good weekend.


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