Friday, 9 November 2007

Things to be done

Well I will be updating the website over the next three days. I have so much to add and hopefully by Monday it will all be on. I still haven't received new dies yet. I will phone and find out about them today. I am also going to try to add some pictures of cards that I have been making. Feel free to add a comment about the blog as then I will know if people have seen my announcement and are looking at the blog. Thanks

I have lots and lots of Christmas cards to make still but at least I have started. I have been asked to make some wedding invitations. The order was for 50 but they have now changed it to 120. Not particularly helpful at this time of year but hey ho.

I was asked a while back to take my sizzix machine into school and show them how to make things. First I took them into Sams class (Year 4), it was so manic but I think it went ok. I showed them how to make a dog and rosette from some circles I had cut out already and they also decorated some frames with bits they cut out using the Sizzix. They all seemed to have fun although I had a headache that evening.. How the teachers do it every day I don't know.

I took it into Jordans class the following week (Year 6), not so manic. This time I took some bags that I had cut from my Cricut machine and some door hangers. I took the Sizzix machine aswell so they decorated all of them with the shapes they cut out and I just had to take ribbons and things to decorate the bags. It was near halloween so I also took die cuts of spiders, bats and ghouls. Will post pictures soon of some of the things we made.
Next week I am going to help at Uganda Club. One of the teachers runs this club to make money to send to a school in Uganda. They are going to be holding a sale so have asked me to go along to show them how to make some things. I think I will show them boxes, bags and door hangers.

Last night I had to go for training at the police station. It was very scary as it was computer training. I know very little about computers and have only learnt what I know since taking over DiestoDieFor 18months ago. One man left after an hour as he flew through it, so this paniced me more. It took me 2 hours and 10minutes but I passed. Yeah. I was so pleased (and relieved). Came home very happy.

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