Thursday, 15 November 2007


Well what can I say. I am really sorry but there is nothing I can do. The people that were hosting our website gave me a days notice that they would no longer be offering that service. I cannot change the front page still. They were meant to transfer the website over to somebody else and have taken the money but not done the transfer. Apparently nothing can be done unless we can get hold of the person who I keep ringing and emailing. The phone is always on voicemail and the emails keep getting chucked back to me.
My new dies will be arriving tomorrow, so I will try and upload those tomorrow evening. I am able to add new products so thats something at least. I am on duty at the police station tomorrow evening though and will not be home until after 9pm.

The children have been selling some of their old toys on ebay and they are ending tonight so I will be watching those.

At last I have my new oven. My old oven broke about 6 weeks ago and my new one arrived yesterday but did not fit in the gap. Anyway all sorted now but we went to my parents for dinner tonight. I will have to read the manuel this evening to work out how to use the new one.
Off to look on ebay.

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