Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Promises, Promises

Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages. They are much appreciated. At least I know now that my message is getting through. Even if it is a little slower than I thought. Please remember if you need to contact me please email me using

I will over the next few days be adding more stuff to the website. I have added the Bethlehem and a football pitch. I have a few other pieces. I have started to add Bazzill. It is 8.5x11. I went for this size because of postage costs. At least I can fit this in an A4 envelope. If I went for the 12x12 I would then have to have pizza size boxes and postage would go up considerably.

I know it is taking longer than expected for me to update the website but I have been very busy. My eldest son has been ill and very kindly given it to me so this evening I will be going to bed early and will hopefully feel much better tomorrow. My plan is to dedicate 3 - 4 hours tomorrow for just adding bits on the website. I will also put some pictures of cards on this blog. I cannot put them onto the website as this is one of the pages that is down at the moment.

I have just been looking at some other websites and have seen so many things that I would like to buy. I think I could quite easily spend a couple of hundred pounds but I think I better wait until after Christmas now for some of the shows and see what bargains are around.

I have a cricut machine but now would like the new bigger one. Unfortunately I need to keep the cartridges but if you know of anyone who would like a cricut machine please let me know.

I shall go and help children with homework now and then I must phone around to see if I can find somebody to cover my duty at the police station next Friday as I am going to Andys Christmas work do.

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