Sunday, 21 October 2007

Kids Away

Well, Andy has taken the younger children to our caravan. They are night fishing tonight. Mad I know. Me, I am home with lots of spare time (ha ha) thinking I can make lots of cards (to put on here) and update the website. Well I've made a few cards, I've cleared up and I've started updating the website, but Andy has taken the camera, so I will now upload all pictures next weekend. Hopefully my new dies will have arrived by then too.
It's just me and Luke at home. He doesn't like me to talk to him and grunts back at me when I do. I think teenagers have a special talk that only teenagers understand, or is it just me. I offered to take him out for dinner, or to go to the cinema or anything last night but he looked at me as though I was mad and said 'what's all this we business, I can't go out with you, people my age only go out with friends not mums', so we ordered pizza in and watched a film. Through out the film he kept running off to the computer room, I thought to check on the Rugby scores, how silly was I. When I asked him what the score was he said ' how should I know' I'm checking to see if anyone is talking to me on MSN. Oh well.
So I will be away for a couple of days from Tuesday, hope the weather stays nice. I wanted to go to Kittys open day in Barton on Sea but I think I may have missed it. It could be next Saturday though. I'm off to check.

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