Saturday, 8 October 2016

You're Rawr-some.

Hey guys, Little Mo here!!

And today I've used a little cute dinosaur from the MFT You're Rawr-some stamp set to make a little cute card.

Firstly, I cut out 5 different layers. 4 from my mummy's MFT Itsy Bitsy Polka dots patterned papers and one plain bit for my cute dinosaur. Secondly, I stuck all of my base bits onto my card.

Then I got out the misti ( whoop whoop I love this thing! it makes stamping for small's so easy!!!) I can do my words and my dinosaur both together at the same time and work out just where I want them to be, ink up and all done!! easy stampy!!!!

I coloured him in a cool blue colour and then put him on my card with some sticky foam on the back of him so he rawr-d out a bit!!!!! lol !!!

Thank you for reading, see you later! Little Mo out, RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

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