Sunday, 18 October 2015

Merry *Cough. Splutter. Choke*

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

Yes, it's coming. And it's coming fast. Tell anyone I said that, and I'll poke you. Really hard. That's the kind of girl I am. You seriously don't wanna mess with me when it comes to That Thing On 25 December We Don't Mention.

So, why I am I being so festive this early on a Sunday morning? Well, Your Next Stamp made me do it. They released this rather fabby set called Christmas That Thing On 25 December We Don't Mention Morning, which includes this really lovely sentiment stamp. It's so nice, I wanted to make it the focal point of a card, and the little holly sprigs that also come in this set, were a perfect little finishing touch.
In for a penny, in for a pound...
Yep, more Your Next Stamp. And some Memory Box too. Honestly, I think I need to lie down!

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Christine L said...

Both are gorgeous Sweetie for the occasion mentioned (or not)........ but please don't poke me today if I happen to slip... I'm fragile! LOL!

See ya later..
Christine x