Friday, 4 September 2015

The beauty of memory

Sympathy cards.....
I find them very difficult to make, for several reasons. Apart from the obvious of not really being a pleasurable thing to make, generally they don't really gel with my normal style.  I really don't think they suit being frilly, highly layered and embellished etc. So this week when I'd been struggling to come up with a design for a card that really should already have been sent to a friend, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration.

I found the answer, and it only cost me 3 hours of my life lol! Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship, I  love that it's so full of ideas, I hate that it's so full of ideas that it sucks me in and gets me looking at stuff I never even intended to when I stuck my head in there!

Anyway I found a card, and while it's a stunning beautiful and simple elegant card, it wasn't quite me, and I didn't have the right dies and stamps for it. But I used it as my inspiration for the card below. While I was there I also spotted the sentiment I used as I have NO stamps with suitable sentiments on (something I must address), and I used the word processing facility on Open Office to type it out and re-size it just right to fit on my card. That sentiment made me think to use the Crea Diem paper from Maja with the clocks, and then I was off and running. The result is below.

Linda :) xx

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing card Linda!