Saturday, 20 November 2010

Back up and working....

Wow, that was a nightmare I don't want to repeat!!!!!
I had problems at the end of October with the website not wanting to upload any new items which we found to be diskspace!!!! I had used it all :o) We upgraded which meant I had to swap my server (nothing is simple is it?) which took ten days, then I had to upgrade my hosting which took another few days. Once I thought we were up and running again my computer decided to die!!!!
So now I am a good 20 days behind with uploading new items and updating the website. I will be working on it all next week so please bear with me.

As the computer has well and truely died this means that I have lost every single email sent to me!!!! I know that there were some of you waiting for items to come in and I had said I would contact you. I WILL NOT be able to do this now as the emails have disappeared. If you were wanting something please can you email me again, sorry !!!!

I have had some My Favorite Things stamps and die-namics in that I know some of you were waiting for and I will keep these off the website until I think I've heard from everyone although I have already got more on order :o)

I'll keep updating this blog and sending out newsletters to keep you updated on items being added.

Hoping you're all enjoying the weekend :o)


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