Saturday, 11 July 2009

New Things Added

Last week I was busy adding lots of new items. I now have some gorgeous new stamps by Bilmalarna, Fairy Doodles and Magnolia.

I am also going through and adding as many missing images as I can. I've had major issues uploading!!!! I've started with the Bazzill cardstock and will continue over the weekend.

I have lowered the prices on all Sarah Kay, Lelo Designs and Rachelle Anne Miller stamps to make way for all the new stamps coming. Get them while you can as these will not be coming back. The new Sarah Kay will be here, hopefully, at the end of next week. Sarah Kay Christmas stamps should be here at the beginning of September along with some gorgeous new stamps by Helz Cuppleditch.

There are so many new things coming as we all prepare for Christmas (Oh no!!!) so over the next few weeks I will be lowering prices to more bits to make way for all the lovely new goodies.

I am going on holiday at the end of this month so no orders will be going out between 30th July and 16th August. Orders can still be put through and I will announce this on the website, to give everyone a reminder, nearer the time. I'm not sure what internet access I will have there yet :o)

Now I've been thinking it's been a while since I done a competition so keep an eye out as I think I might do one next week!!!!!!

Right off now to do all those weekend chores :o)

Hope you have a good one.


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