Saturday, 11 April 2009

I'm still here

Sorry I haven't been around much. Just wanted to let you all know that I haven't fallen off the Earth :o)
My dad is still quite ill and we are now hoping that a bit of radiotherapy and steroids are going to give him a bit of a boost!!! He went on Wednesday to start but they filled out forms and got him prepared so he will start this coming Wednesday for 5 days. Not sure if I will be going to all of them yet but just in case I might be a little slow in answering emails and sending out orders.
Thank you everyone for your best wishes, they are very much appreciated :o)

I hope everyone is having a very lovely Easter break and will get lots of eggs tomorrow!!!!

I am here on my own (no children for two days) and will be playing about with the website, adding lots of new goodies and some new bits to the sale.

I am also going through all my craft stuff and putting it for sale on Ebay. If anyone is interested in grabbing a bargain then do go have a look. Not sure how to add the link yet but will look into that. My username is track456 and if you search for stamping bella some of my items will come up. I have a huge amount more to add and will update here as soon as I've added it. Bits include 12 x 12 papers, stamps (used and new) embellishments, craftwork cards items and so much more. I really must empty some of my shelves and draws :o)
My son is also selling some of his books, etc so I'm afraid they will be amongst all the craft items !!!!

Well that's it for now. Catch you soon :o)


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Carol said...


Sorry your Dad is still poorly - hope treatment on Wednesday goes well.

Sounds as though your going to busy but hope you get some R&R time.