Thursday, 12 March 2009

Don't Forget the Competition

This will be open until Saturday the 21st March and the difference being that we are making cards for a cause. A friend of mine, Kirsty Wiseman, is collecting cards for all the wonderful soldiers out in Afghanistan. They obviously do not have shops out there and cannot buy cards to send home to loved ones, etc. They are after all sorts of messages from 'Happy Birthday' , 'Get Well Soon', 'Happy Anniversary, anything that you can make that can be sent to them. Please do not forget to send them with an envelope :o) and in a card bag please!!!!

Now for every card that is sent to me at my address on the home page of my website, here your name will be entered into the competition. It really is that simple.

You can send one card and be entered once or ten cards and be entered ten times. It's up to you :o)

Now I suppose you are wanting to know what the prize will be for you. Well, I won't keep you waiting any longer.

The prize will be a............

Martha Stewart Punch,

not just any old Martha Stewart Punch but...........

A Valentine Lace Martha Stewart Punch :o)

Getting making those cards and send them in.



Marcea said...

I will deffo get one in the post to you this weekend hun - I really NEED that punch and it is for such a great cause :o)

Unknown said...

be hnoured and deligted...ill pop some on to you would be lovely to be in with a chance to win something but im not that fussed.its for a good cause...xx

Enfys said...

I already have that punch, so someone else can have my chance to win, but I am sending you some cards, delighted that someone is doing something to show our thanks to our brave troops for protecting our precious freedom

Pauline C said...

Hi Tracy - I have posted 5 cards to you yesterday so I hope you will receive them in time. I too need that punch and for such a great cause lol!
Pauline x