Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Hi everyone. Just a quick note to let you know that all orders are still going out same day (if they arrive before the postman) but you might find they are taking a little longer to get to you because of the snow, sorry!!!
I have had no post for two days and no parcels:o( :o(
We had about 40cm of snow which completely brought things to a stand still. If you wanted to do something or go anywhere, you had to walk and not many people done that!!!

I still managed to walk to the post office though to get those parcels to you all as quickly as possible. If anyone hasn't received them by the end of the week please let me know.


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Tasha said...

Hi Tracey - i was on DIes to dies for and itsaid to email you about the martha stewart lace doily punch but i do not have outlook and so could not get your email address of the site. if you could email me your email adress i will then send you a formal email. Thanks so much
love tasha xx