Friday, 18 July 2008

Sooooo Busy

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. It has been so manic. The Wizard of Oz show went very well, after a complete disaster with Emerald City. It was the last showing last night and they all done very well. I wasn't going to stay so had rushed out the door as you do and at the end of the performance they called me up to give me card to say thanks for all the work I had done. I was so embarrassed. I hadn't even brushed my hair and when I got to the front I tripped over someones crutches. I'm sure these things only ever happen to me.

I can only post pictures when I'm on Andy's comp. so will try to upload pictures tonight or tomorrow. I am on duty at the Police Station tonight until 9pm though.

All the new High Hopes stamps have been loaded on to the website and are selling fast, so if you are wanting some, you better be quick.

I do have some Sarah Kay stamps on their way but they seem to be taking forever. I also have CC designs coming and some of the new Missy B. I won't give any dates as they always seem to go out the window. I have been adding more blooms to the website today so go take a look.

I think we are taking the children to Farnborough Air Show on Sunday so I won't ba able to add anything then. I have such a busy week next week as it's the last three days of school (yay). My youngest son's teacher is leaving and they are having a surprise party, so I need to make a cake for that (let's hope he doesn't read my blog) and Jordan (DS2) wants to take a cake in on Wednesday for after their leavers assembly. I have a stack load of thank you teacher cards to make for people up at the school so will have to do those tomorrow. Phew. Hopefully I'll be so busy I won't have time to think about eating. I put on 2 pound and haven't managed to shift it this week. Oh well.

Have a lovely weekend.


Michelle said...

Hi Tracy, so glad the Wizard of Oz went well and hope that you are having a lovely weekend :0) x

All Pink girl said...

Wow Tracy ,please slow down babe xxx you will make your self poorly again ,please take care ,Dawnxxx