Wednesday, 18 June 2008

More things added to website and diet update

Well I have no choice but to stay in today as I have a delivery coming so am adding lots of items to the website. It takes so long and I've learnt so much but you might notice there are some items without pictures. Well I have done everything I was meant to do and some of them haven't worked so these ones will have to wait until hubby gets home to sort out.

I will be sorting out lots of items for a sale soon so that I can make room for more goodies. I have some Prima flowers on order so hopefully they will get here soon. Will keep you updated.

Now for the diet: Well I lost 2lbs last week, my first week. I know thats not a huge amount but since having Jordan I look at it so differently as he weighed just under 2lb when he was born. He was a fully developed baby and yes he did fit in just one of my hands but when I look at the pictures and realise what 2lbs actually is it makes it seem a whole lot better. I also had to go out mid week for dinner and made a lovely cheesecake, so I did have to have a bit (didn't I). I will upload a picture of it later. So I am still having my 7 teaspoons of cereal every morning and still feeling very hungry but trying to keep busy, plus if you don't have it in the houe then there are no temptations, much to the childrens disgust. Clothes are already feeling a little better though. Will keep you updated.


Elisabeth said...

Keep it up Tracy! I know you can do it. I'm going to email you a little later during the day. =)

leann said...

2lbs is good Tracy!
My niece was only 2lbs 1oz when she was born, so I know what you mean about having a different view of how much that actually is :)
Keep it up hun!

Andrea said...

Keep it up Tracey, I have just lost 1 stone with slimming world in 9 weeks and I've never been hungry or tempted. Its a great feeling to see the weight disappearing and the clothes fitting again. Andrea

The Crafty Den said...

Well done Tracy, the slower you lose it the longer it will stay off (or so "they" say). Have a great second week. Lots of love, Denise x

Diane.W. said...

Well done Tracy! 2lb is the same as a bag of sugar!!!! That is what I do to compare my weight loss.It is better off, than on :o)x

Sue said...

Wow Tracy, I just have to say what fantastic service. I ordered 2 sets of Pink Cat Studio Stamps from you yesterday at 17.33, and guess what, they arrived today. I'm so impressed (and excited).

Well done with the diet, I know how difficult it is. I did the Slim Fast for a week, that was enough. I felt a bit thinner, but I'm not sure I am.

Anyway, I'm off to play with my new stamps. Thanks again for such a brilliant service. Sue