Tuesday, 10 June 2008

At last some more cards and my diet

I think this card was totally copied from Michelle

This was made for my friend to give to a young lad who has just started playing the guitar This was a card order from a friend of mine. I always seem to be making very quick cards at the moment. The 50 has been edged with glitter but I don't think you can see that in the picture.

I'm still around. I am so tired. June is completely full apart from two Saturdays that I don't have anything penciled in (yet).

I have started yet another diet. None of my clothes fit except two pairs of trousers and a pair of 3/4 trousers so this is it. Today is my second day and I've had another salad.

I used to go to Weight Watchers so have done this before so yesterday I gave myself a good talking to and decided I would start counting points again. For anyone who hasn't done WW you are allowed around 20 points a day depending on your weight/age, etc so I thought I would start with weighing my breakfast. I weighed out the recommended 30g and thought it just couldn't be right (the children would have eaten more than that when they were 12months) but it was right of course, so I then weighed out what I have been having thinking I was having a nice healthy breakfast well, it worked out to be 11 points, more than half my points just for breakfast. No wonder I've been putting weight on. I thought it was the chocolate.

So I will let you know over the next few weeks how it's going. Wish me luck.


Annapurna said...

You are too funny. I should start some kind of diet too. I am starting to hate my side pose in the mirror. May be we can have a little competition behind the blog scenes. Sound good? Nice cards by the way.

MelissaS said...

Good luck to you! I have weight creeping up on me too and now my summer things don't fit properly. It's easier to start walking and watch what I eat than shop for a new wardrobe, though! Take care - love the 50 card :)

Diane.W. said...

I'm sat eating my salad as I blog-hop,lol!!! But 3 stone later,it's working!!!
Good Luck :o)x

The Crafty Den said...

Good luck Tracy. It's so difficult to lose weight but very easy to pile it on isn't it. Keep us updated and we'll offer moral support. Lots of love, Denise x

Andrea said...

Good luck with the diet. I joined slimmingworld and have lost 1 stone in 8 weeks, feel so much better. You can do it!! Andrea x

Michelle said...

Great cards Tracy, my fave is the bottom one and glad to be of help for the first one! Good luck with the diet, I went on WW but personally i do not like it cos it doesn't take into account what your body needs e.g. avocados have high points but actually they are very good for. I wish you luck in acheieving your goals. I will be starting (another) diet very soon myself! x

Vicky said...

Good luck with the diet. I too have just started WW but have chosen the core plan! I couldn't do with having to weigh out things and count points all the time! Keep us updated!
Lol Vicky x