Wednesday 19 March 2008

What A Week

Hi everyone, sorry for lack of blogging. Can you believe a week has gone by? I have been so busy with both my websites. I'm rebuilding one and taking over another one, so am just a little sressed at the mo. While pictures are being imported I will tell you a bit about my manic week. Sorry to bore you all.

Now people say it comes in threes, not sure I believe this theory any more. Two of aunts were taken to hospital last week. One has a broken back and the other caught the MRSA bug and sadly died. My nephew had to go to hospital as he couldn't move his neck and it was very painful. He drove himself to the walk in centre, who immediately called an ambulance and told him he shouldn't be driving. He was in hospital for 7 hours, having tests but was eventually told they thought it was just a strain.
My eldest son was excluded from school for a day for something very stupid and he is very sorry he was involved and they said had his track record been different it would have been a lot longer.
My husband and middle son were in a car accident (nothing serious, but it did frighten Jordan) and last but not least, my sister, who lives in Lanzarote phoned to say that her purse had been stolen and whoever took it had taken all her money out of her bank using her card. So there we have it.
Had my moan, pictures have now imported and children will be coming home from school soon so here are the cards I have made.

By the way, had a bad night the other night, couldn't sleep thinking about bellas. Am I mad, do I need help? I wanted to sell them on my website but am not allowed. People have to phone and ask me if I have them(???) Anyway, there I was lying in bed thinking of all these bella names. Swimabella (I've just learnt to swim), Slimabella (I need to diet), etc, etc. Then Andy started snoring, that's when it got silly. Snoreafella, grumpafella. It has now started up the school with non crafting friends thinking what they would call their fella (some best left unmentioned).What would you call yours?


Sarah said...

I'm sorry to hear about your terrible news, particularly the death of your aunt.
I know it's not much, but you have won some PIF candy. Please can you send your address to
xx :0)

Dawn said...

I'm sorry about all the horrible news (hugs)

Now you have me thinking about those silly bellas or bed fellas or whatever - LOL

Annapurna said...

Sorry about all the bad things that are happening right now. Hopefully things will get better. Hang in there.
I call mine Geekafella, since he is a computer geek and does not like to talk (curse) to anyone, but his game console.
btw, the cards are lovely!

Tarasdesigns said...

Tracy sorry to hear about your week, esp the death of your aunt.

Tara xx

Dawn Wheeler said...

Arr bless ,what a week you poor thing ,Hope fully things will pick up and start getting better just hang in there ,love the bella names did make me giggle xxxHugs Dawnxx

Rachel Webber said...

Blimey - that was a week and a half! Still, next week can only get better?

Great Bella names - hopefully, they will be in the next release!!

Annapurna said...

Hope you are having a better week. I got your PIF in the mail. I will do a blog post tomorrow. Love everything that is in there. Thank you.

Liz said...

Sorry to hear your sad news Tracy and what a rotten week you've had. Sending you hugs!

Liz x

Noleen said...

Im sorry for your bad week but to cheer you up you,ve one some PIF candy from me so just email me your address if you want to take part, Noleen xx

MelissaS said...

Sorry to hear of your run of bad luck! I hope things have improved :)

Grumpafella made me laugh - Grumpabella definitely needs a partner! How about Chopperfella, for those motorcycle enthusiasts? Can you see him, decked out in black leather?
Melissa (SBS12)

Ruby Claire said...

ROFL @ bellas.
I think i would be scrap.a.bella or eatabella. :p
Im sorry to hear about the accident and the money being stolen. Thats terrible!
I hope you have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy, congratulations you are a winner! just pop over to my site to get my e-mail address. thanks for playing