Sunday, 24 February 2008

Website rebuilding

Just a little update on the website. Yesterday I spent hours putting items on to the website. At the end I think there were 65 items. Oh my word, I didn't think it would take that long. My back hurt, my wrist hurt and my eyes and head hurt. Considering I have over 1000 items to put on, ideally I would like to put over 100 per day. This could then take around two weeks. Ahhh.
Well it has to be done so no more moaning (slap wrist). Children have football this morning so will not be doing any then but hopefully later. I will try for 100 items.

March. My word it's almost March. I have lots of cards to make, so will put a list here and keep you updated on their progress.

Mothers Day x 2
18th birthday x 4 (this is for the same person), female
Friend (female)
Brother in law
Little boy age 6
Little girl age 6

This list doesn't include any orders, plus I need to make up some for stock as I have a couple of card parties planned.

Off to do brekkie. Byeeeee


Anna Jones said...

Good luck with everything.

Han said...

Hope everything goes well. xx

Rachel said...

I, too, can't believe it is almost March! Where has the time gone?
Rachel, SBS-12

Ruby Claire. said...

March?!?! WHAT ?? MARCH??
i thought it was stil Janruary?!?!?! hehe
Hope you can get everything done!!

jami said...

100 items, wow that's a lot:)

Aphrodite said...

you are a fantastic desiner continue to improve your skill